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I don't even know what the official channels of communication are anymore. Seems that some things, like a delayed patch are communicated in private discord servers instead of in public locations. That is an entirely different sort of problem.
That is a mischaracterization - the patch was not delayed officially a day because a patch time had yet to be announced. We typically - but not always - patch on Wednesdays, but that is not an official schedule, only customary. The official schedule is when a patch date is announced, as it was last night. On these forums. Because some people become concerned when an event (a patch) that has not been officially announced also did not happen when they thought it would, I tossed a quick informal shout out so that perhaps there would be less concern about a thing that wasn't announced or planned anyway didn't happen when it was never planned to happen. It wasn't an official communication from me because I was basically just trying to affirm that nothing was scheduled to happen yesterday because... nothing was announced for yesterday. Official patch times are announced here, the official forums, exactly as they were last night.
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