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aileen is really on the money. The fact that tools may break because of code refactoring for 64 bit does appear quite unprofessional. It suggests that development is run on a shoe string and Trion as a company is sparing very little resource for Rift Live.To me personally a problem like that would need to be addressed pronto. I mean day 1, 9am, let's get this fixed right now before we do anything else.
It's really not simple though, far from it. It has nothing to do professionalism. It's an incredibly complicated system that was not built with 64 bit in mind. When introduced to 64 bit integers, some of the behavior either changes from what it was doing before, or stops working entirely. When this happens, the designers don't know what is going on and they spend hours upon hours debugging their scripting to see what they did wrong. Eventually once they can't figure it out, they ask engineering to take a look. I spend some hours (or days depending on the issue) and realize it was from the implementation of 64 bit. I submit the fix, design finds a different bug...repeat. It's not a matter of sitting down and going "ok, I'm going to fix this". It's a matter of designers sitting down and going "welp I can't work today because my tools are broken and the bugs have to be fixed as they are found".It's a matter of people literally not being able to do their job because this is submitted. Once we are in a good spot where we have the time for people to have a more-loose deadline we can look at re-introducing this.
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