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Is the damage and HP reduction/ DR going to be 10 percent and 4 percent on the Commander encounter? Or is there going to be a HP reduction to Titan X? Not sure based upon your comment and i have not been following the PTS :P ThxI agree that there could possibly be a nerf to the damage from the mines, or possibly reduce the amount that spawn.
The damage and hit point reductions are to Commander Isiel, Vindicator MK1, Titan X, and the Fire Spigots. These are the the same changes that have been on pts for a month and discussed in a prior thread.As for the mines, I understand how frustrating they can be, and I appreciate that there has been a large amount of high quality feed back about them. Right now I am trying to find a way to alleviate some of that frustration without making them trivial or reducing their damage to nothing.
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