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1. Items can drop for the wrong class. e.g. a Rogue necklace dropping for a cleric/mage.
I would need some context as far as what boss or what item you are referring to here to be able to investigate. If you (or someone else) has a bit more context, I would be happy to investigate (after I return from GamesCom).
2. Item RNG is significantly biased, and seems to be based on player ID, instead of being truly random.
No part of the loot roll determination is Player ID based. But there may still be some other issue with that loot table. As you have already provided the boss name in this case, I will gladly investigate upon my return.That said, I must caution that getting the same roll 8 times in a row - though unlikely and certainly unfortunate - is not THAT extreme an example of true RNG. But still better for me to check the table to be safe.
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