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Yaviey, two questions: 1) How do you pronounce 'Yaviey'? 2) Is there intentions for anything Hammerknell? The Chronicle, raid and/or IA, the Epic Saga, an event that perhaps is still being worked on and so the rest is pushed back as well?
Hi Maeloda, Thanks for the questions! 1) Yaviey is Sindharin and pronounced "yah-VEE-yAy". 2) So what ended up happening is that RotP was Tier 2 and the ones beyond that were Tier 3 so the rest are delayed to allow players to catch up on PA Phase 2 and Tier 2 items before jumping into T3. Still no official word on Hammerknell specifically, though. We are working on stuff, though and will hopefully have an updated schedule soon. Cheers! ~Yaviey
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