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Here are the Hellbug event counts. (The graphs will be updated to include more days after today as time marches on).All: were you happy with the zone event frequency?Personally, I'd prefer to have a zone vent for the CtA going nearly constantly. I got that this time by summoning Unnatural a ton on NA while I was on. For future CtAs I hope that we get more (e.g. the 26th on NA had 23 - if that was the intended frequency for the 2nd-6th too, that's too low imo. I'd say 2 per hour would be good?).NAEUAnd hourly NAHourly EU
Heya,Just wanted to say that we really appreciate your feedback on this. We are definitely investigating ways to make the specific rifts spawn more frequently for future CTAs.To give some background on this - as it turns out, the devs that originally ran these kinds of events have long since departed the RIFT team (several years ago). So while the existing devs knew of these events and were fully supportive of bringing them back, some of the variable parameters that make the event run the most smoothly have been lost to time. So now we have to tweak them as we run them moving forward.
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