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RIFT 4.4: Hotfix #16 6/13/2018== LIVE SERVER NOTES ==[DIMENSIONS]Fixed an issue that put Guild Dimensions in a state where the active guild dimension could not be changed.[RIFT STORE]New direct purchase mount has been added to the in-game RIFT store: the Burning Apocalypse Snail. This mount is 3,000 credits, account-bound, and automatically scales its speed to your fastest owned mount (otherwise 160%). RIFT 4.4: Hotfix #16 6/13/2018== PRIME: VIGIL PATCH NOTES ==[RIFT PRIME STORE]The RIFT Prime in-game store has been updated with the following new items:
  • Levitate
  • Alsbeth’s Raiment
  • Ember Lifter
  • Quickbrown
  • Stolent Eldritch Steed
  • Starflare
  • Silverwood Defender’s Bundle
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