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I don't understand this statement. How can you not be ready to answer a question? You either have the answers to the questions or you don't. I can't imagine an employee telling the CEO of a company or any other employee "I am not ready to answer your question." This statement is much like our country's politicians holding a press conference on any given subject. The verbal dodge ball game is really not appreciated. If the question requires a great deal of thought so that you cover every nuance say so. If you plan to cover the subject matter in depth at a later time say that. But saying things like you are not ready to answer that question smacks of evasion. Like your hiding something.
While I understand your frustration, this is going more to the speculative than factual side. We are working on both Live and Prime content updates. As we've stated numerous times, right now optimization and bug fixes are our top priority. When we are closer to release and therefore able to give more exact time frames on what will be in those, we'll share them. This is in no way attempting to hide anything or be political. In fact, this is status quo for how news works. When we have more to share we'll go into extreme detail about it. Right now we don't. As we've already experienced, if we say we're working on X and then it gets moved back for any number of reasons, we make people upset.
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