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Hey folks, It takes a while to follow up on issues like this, so we apologize and thank you for your patience while we investigated.I'll make sure we post the adjusted winners list as soon as all the data work is done. Note: the Title prizes have not been given out yet, so don't panic unduly. (Side note: Ten Bounty Artifacts awarded the trophy and animal call in game, immediately.) If you have a specific issue that you want me to follow up on, I am not working on RIFT Directly any more but WILL follow up for you. Drop me a PM here with all the details.BrasseGUARDIAN LIFE SAGA:Doranbolt's completion of the server first: totally legit - he picked up the quest at the exact timestamp that Dev used for the cutoff of "took the quests early" list. The chances of this happening are minute, but it happened. Doranbolt is indeed to be congratulated as the first Guardian on Prime to complete the Life Saga. He would have received the reward either way, but it's nice to say FIRST!DEFIANT DEATH SAGACaduto contended that there is no way only 14 Defiants completed the Death Saga.There must be a misunderstanding here, or maybe there's still something we're missing. This is what we see:
  • 38 Defiants picked up the starting quest EARLY.
  • 14 Defiants completed the challenge in the time parameter specified.
  • 92 additional Defiants completed the challenge after picking up the starting quest at 9:00 AM on April 11th or later - the number is probably ticking higher as I write this.
Andiwen@Vigil reports "One of my toons on Prime (Andiwen) managed to collect 20 of the bounty artifacts before the event started, and about another 10 or so during the event period. I am thinking the ones pre-event maybe haven't been counted"Serenity@Vigil reports - " So I watched the twitch stream to see the winners and to my surprise there were only 2 completions??? I'm surprised because as of the end date of the contest on 17 May, I had collected 23 bounty artifacts on my main "Serenity""
This is due to the text of the challenge article erroneously stating that artifacts collected prior to the challenge would count toward the total. We missed that in editing. The actual intent and winner list was pulled from people who completed the tracking achievement for 20 artifacts that began on 4/11 with the patch. That is totally on us for not reviewing the challenge text well enough, and we WILL make good on it for those affected.This will take more time; Dev is working on what is going to be a messy data log pull, through our BI department. For future reference, and as a rule, assume that no challenge we do will be “immediately completed .00000001 seconds after the start of the challenge window due to previous completion of the objective.” It really defeats the purpose of a challenge.We will be much more careful when reviewing text and times in future.Brasse
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