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Well this lasted long,nerfed allready gg Trion.
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Does anyone remember that one South Park episode, where they play World of Warcraft?In the episode, the characters are forced to level to max solely by killing a vast number of low-level, low-value mobs.This sequence was humorous. The source of the humour is the notion that it is an utterly absurd and ridiculous thing for a player to level to max by killing only basic monsters in the open world.This made the scene memorable, and very funny.This is also the situation occuring on Rift Prime, for real, right now. This is where we're at.
I think if you honestly believe you can only kill basic monsters in the open world to get to max level you are missing huge portions of the game. I would try Rifts, quests, footholds, invasions, dungeons, warfronts, and maybe some open world mobs as well. I donít think youíre forced to do one thing, for real.
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