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Just a question regarding the 'not being able to manually revert'. I'm a dev myself, and usually us devs tend to use some form of versioning tool. So isn't it possible to just revert the HK changeset?I don't know the project structure of Rift, and I could be wrong in my assumption that eg. the database uses some form of versioning (which isn't very common, I know, but it's possible ). But it might be a possibility.
You can't revert something back that far and think it will work with what you have now. Its not like HK is it own clean object or set, not sure what you want to call it. If you did revert back and get old HK values you would also get many other things from that time frame, remove many after, and generally be in a terrible state.Ya, you don't really want to do that. It would be more work to try and figure out what you just did in that scenario.
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