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I also find it pretty hilarious this was timed with prime to I assume prevent quick accumulation of currency on the new server, but they failed to also change the accompanying recipes from Apoth.
Definitely was an oversight. These will all be nerfed as well in the next patch.Until then - ALL THE APOTHECARY FLUFF RECIPES HAVE BEEN DISABLED.
The hot sauce item uses 3 vendor items and a single low level gathering mat, that has sold 12,000 items already on prime for an average of 7 gold. Those 12,000 crafts have brought in ~2.5k plat into the Prime economy with a profit of about 12 gold per item crafted. Oops.
Your presentation of numbers seem a bit confused, but yes, these recipes have been abused. Over 5 days, Hot Sauce poured over 1,800plat into the economy by itself. That is a lot of hipster ketchup.The top 4 things sold to merchants in terms of total plat generation are all crafted apoth fluff items in this category. These four item IDs poured more plat into the economy than the next 300 item IDs combined.Nerfing this stuff is not an over-reaction. These are things that have major impacts on game economies when abused at scale. And in a fresh environment like Prime, we see just how fast they can create an impact.
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