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As far as suggestions / solutions to the problem, I think the easiest would be to have a significant platinum reward increase from everything.
The primary effect of that would be to cause inflation in the prices of everything (especially REX) and would cause many, many more problems than it solved.Anything that introduces Platinum - as a lifetime core, uncapped, currency - into the economy is a balance act against inflation, and needs to be balanced against the sinks of such currencies.Over the lifetime of a game, some amount of inflation is almost certain, but that doesn't mean to just let it run away. And sources of currency should reflect activites that are good for the health of the overall game. Solo activities in instances, crafting things that flip back to a vendor for cash gain are currency streams that do not benefit the larger game, and indeed hurt it because of the inflation issue.So currencies are preferred as a part of game healthy activities - doing quests, engaging in cross player economies, running group content, just grinding in the world (as opposed to afk in cities) that keep things alive - those are game positive activities.That is why if there are legitimate areas of the game where the expectation of plat expense is too great, the proper fix would be to look at those points of friction.If, on the other hand, it is merely a matter of "I like plat just so I can buy all the things or my dream is to be the Daddy Warbucks of Telara", well then losing the non-game-positive revenue streams is just something you will have to adapt to.But I am not assuming the complaints are about the latter, but rather the former - the points of friction where the NEED (as opposed to want) of plat is too much.Now, I am aware of a couple of those points that come up frequently. One is Dimensions, and it is why as I have touched various parts of the massive library of dimension items, I have been routinely reducing the plat costs in so, so, so many places. And I am not done doing so (and will probably never be done doing so).I know Planar Crafted gear is another one, and I plan on reducing the catch up costs there as soon as I catch up from Carnival stuff and a few other things.Then there is the elephant in the room...
The second choice would obviously be to just completely rip the plat requirement from frags and allow them to use the stockpiles of in game currency we have. It's also difficult to suggest solutions when we, at times, rarely hear back even if devs are actively reading. It's especially difficult when the platinum from relevant content has been a major issue since the start of the expansion.
In the case of planar fragments, we know that is another sticking point. I know the prices got slashed by Vladd twice (most recently about 3 months ago) - and perhaps more cost reduction should be consider (though I don't think plat cost is the only issue players have with fragments). I know the perception is still that they are too high, but part of that is due to the goal of perfect frags all at 15. This is where I suspect we will find more conflict. The content for non raiders was balanced around all slots filled with decent fragments at level 6. For raiders, depending on how aggressive, the balance point is really good to near ideal fragments at levels approaching 12.But the content is NOT intended to be balanced around a full complement of perfect level 15 fragments. Here is a blunt truth - if you want to min/max to that bleeding edge, it is going to be expensive. It is going to hurt. Perhaps we should not have even allowed them to go to 15? Perhaps. But I think part of the idea of allowing them to go so high was because we frequently heard towards the end of NT that there wasn't much point to plat in the game. That there wasn't that much you needed it for. Now _I_ know that there has always been a wide disparity in Rift between the plat haves and have-nots. Of course the have nots were not saying this. but many haves were. So, the grinding perfect frags to 15 is a plat sink option that exists for those that have stupid amounts of plat and wanting to be on the bleeding edge of min/max.But simply put - that goal is not what the game economy (and plat generation) is going to be balanced around.So, there you have a dissertation about plat economy considerations. :PMay it help inform where the conversation goes from here. I am very keen on points of friction regarding plat NEED. If there are major ones I did not list above, by all means call them out (I think I nailed the top 3, but feel free to weigh in on that).Ever verbosely,Tacitus.(Thank the Vigil there is not a plat cost on word count!)
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