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Weren't these mounts available in the store, and in Meridian (and maybe other places) before? And for much less? Why are they now locked behind rep?
The ones that used to be in the cities for less were not scaling. For less, they were locked at 60% mount speed. The ones that are in place now will autoscale. Autoscaling options did indeed used to be in the main store - at a price of 800 credits, no plat option.So the non-scaling ones have been removed. The scaling ones now available are MUUUUCH cheaper than the previous credit only options.
Was this a change for the sake of Prime?
No. I had to do a not minor amount of work to have it work with Live, because it was something that we wanted to do for Live. If all I wanted to do was do it for Prime, it would have been much easier.
If so, why is this affecting Live?
This is a kind of layered question. The first layer is an implication that changes for Prime should not affect Live. We did not promise that. The games share a code base. They WILL affect each other in various ways.Second is that Live has always been a living game, and things have often changed for various reasons in the past. This was a case of something that felt like a better system (and it is a chance to get what used to be an 800-credit option for 25 plat).
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