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could somebody tell me what 'concats' are exactly?
Concats are the systematically generated items where it takes a base item and combines it with a stat distribution, rarity, etc. Typically seen as something like "Prismatic Staff of the Mystic" where Prismatic Staff would be the base item and f the Mystic" would be the concat of stats and such. (It is actually a way bigger system than that, but that is the gist of it).In the case of these broken drops, you are just getting the base item without the modifications the concat system would have applied to it.
And what the best thing to do with the problem items is (just ignore and vendor them or keep them for a fix etc).
Save them. I am making a global change to convert unbindable base items to Bind on Equip. This will open up the option to allow you to equip the item if it is something your class could equip, and thereby make the wardrobe appearance unlock.
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