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To give the TL;DR version of the thread Fasti linked:
  • There was a serious bug on Prime that unlocked a number of RIFT Live items for some Prime players. That was not intended and could not remain. The many server firsts and auto-levels to 50 were immediate indicators of the problem.
  • We immediately shut down the server and fixed the issue before any more players were affected.
  • We did have to delete all the affected characters. As the server had only been up a short while, they were all low level.
  • After the server went back up, CS combed through the deleted characters and were actually able to restore many of them through a manual process.
  • All affected characters were granted an additional 15 days of Patron time to make up for the issue.
If you lost your Patron status, you would not be able to log in to RIFT Prime. In that case, please do submit a ticket to support.trionworlds.com and our CS folks would be very happy to help you out. Brasse
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