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Oh first post misleading it, so 30 minutes trade period will unlock skins to people when traded then? If yes then no problem (thou I never run that raids but seeing huge amount of people pugging them).
I do not see anything in the first post that is incorrect. Unless you are referring to the pass it around thing, which was a reference to people that sell skin unlocks via trade chat or through some specialized guilds.It doesn't affect people that actually go on a raid because the item drops there are automatically soulbound. They are tradeable due to a special override for a limited time within the raid, but it does not change their bound status. At no time are the BoE items.
What's happening to transfigured items? Will additional skins still unlock like now or do we need to equip this items?
I am not clear on what exactly you are wanting to know here. If you are asking if passing around a BoE item that is affected by a transmog bauble will unlock appearances simply by passing it around still, no, that is definitely not going to work anymore. If, on the other hand, you use an old left-over transmog on a BoE item and hand it to someone else, IF that person then equips it, then yes they will get the transmog appearance. Transmogs still work - but the unlocking of the appearance still needs an item to become bound rather than BoE.
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if my mage gets a lv 68 BoE plate armor , and i dont have a warrior. Do i have to make a warrior alt , level it to 68 , send the armor to the warrior and equip it so my mage can get the skin?
Yes, the BoE item would need to be equipped.
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