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Please correct me if I'm wrong Brasse
Your answers appear to all be correct.
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I won't lose access to that skin, or similar skins for which I never equipped an item to learn, right?
You will not lost any appearances you already unlocked. This only affects future unlocks.
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Yes you can buy the armor appearances. However, it may only unlock after the time has elapsed that you can sell it back to store
The Binds text is because it is on the store, not in your bags. As soon as it hits your bags, a bind on pickup item is soulbound, even if you immediately sell it back. Which means it unlocks wardrobe.
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So you guys basically removing only reason to do most old expansion raids. How will you solve this then? Can we assume wardrobe bundles from that raids coming into rift shop?
This has no effect on farming old raids for appearances as none of those drops are BoE. That said, almost every armor skin is already in a wardrobe bundle form, if that is your preference (and has been for a long while at this point). But definitely no reason to stop running old raids or soloing instances for skins. That stuff is all BoP, and so will unlock appearances same as always.
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I meant general weapon skins as bundle.
Ah, most weapon skins are also already in shop form, if that is your choice. But again, no reason not to raid farm them still either.
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