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I wasn't quick enough to get in on the name suggestions but one I wanted to suggest was Prime. I like the idea of letting the players who are actually using the server vote on the name after a month. Can the naming be postponed?
Oh heck no to postponement. The server name has to be chosen quickly because it launches on March 7! To all on this thread, every name on poll is there because: a) players nominated those names multiple times in the nomination thread. b) RIFT Dev Leads each chose ten names from the top nominees as ones they would happily accept. Those lists were combined and the ten you see is the end result of their faves. Over to you! c) no one is ever going to agree on the best or most appropriate name. Yaviey is still arguing for Servey McServerface. =) This is not open to debate. It is, however, open to votes, and they are still coming in! Brasse
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