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I just want to spend money. I am pretty sure I spend more money than 99% of the entire player base. I have used the same credit card for years, but I had Issues with that, so I swapped to paypal, now I haveing even more issues with that payment method.I started a thread about this about a week ago and never got a dev response. I am not amazing and don;t think I am "the reason" Rift is still running, but I would actually like to hear why you TRION as a company won't let me spend money? I have more money than I could ever spend on this game, there is literally no reason for you guys to deny my purchases. It is NOT coming from my bank, it is 100% on trions side
Have you already submitted a ticket? If so, what's your ticket number so we can look into the status. If not, please do so. They can usually figure out what's happening fairly quickly.
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