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Just out of curiosity, what of all the other Rift players that have passed away before? I know when I started playing that a lady in my first guild passed away from cancer. I know another player whose wife passed and I am sure there were more than just those 2 in the 7 years, across EU and NA shards.
This is a painful factor of online life for so many of us, Daementia. We all know wonderful people who played alongside us, and then passed on. For many, worlds like Telara are an escape from chronic illness and pain. They continue in our memories. It is not often when a player is memorialized officially in any game. It's usually when they made a contribution to the game directly, as Wintercharm did for the Dimensioneering aspect of RIFT. I've always thought that Guilds and even individual players should have a way to set up memorials for fallen comrades, within dimensions. I just posed that question to Dev, who have also lost a great many friends over the years... no promises, just an inquiry to see what we may be able to make happen. Brasse
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