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The main question is, will my Rogue be able to use the Infernal Plate Bundle wardrobe cosmetics visual or not?
Yes. Yes you will.The wardrobe UI and functionality is completely unchanged. Anything you can do currently within the wardrobe system, you will still be able to do.The class restrictions only affect equipping items in your main character pane.The Wardrobe change is that appearances do not get unlocked until an item is bound your character or account. So a random BOE green you pick up does not automatically unlock the appearance (unless you equip it).But any quest rewards, even if you don't or can't equip it are still unlocked because they are soulbound. The contents of wardrobe bundles are soulbound - even the contents that are consumed and vanish immediately.So the wardrobe system itself shall remain the robust, super customizable functionality that we all love.
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