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Brasse, I want to make sure I understood how wardrobes work based on what was said in the livestream:Items have to be equipped to be put into your wardrobe collection. Equipping makes an item soulbound. Many items that would be soulbound on Live are now Bind on Equip on Prime. Mages can only equip Cloth. Rogues can only equip Leather. Clerics can only equip Chain, and Warriors can only equip Plate. (similar sort of thing for weapons).Is this correct? If so, it's definitely going to restrict your wardrobe for your toons some, since you'll only be able to make toons of 2 of the 4 possible callings.
Ok so here's how it goes:If it is a Soubound or Account Bound item, you don't have to equip it. It's clearly going to only be used by your account.If it is a Bind on Equip item, you will need to equip it on one of your characters, to unlock it for your account.If you take a soulbound quest reward that is not equippable by your class, it will still unlock for your account.The Dev team is trying to move away from is the trivialization of wardrobe items, wherein people pass a single item around to dozens of other players. This decreases the inherent prestige and marketplace value of these items.Brasse
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