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Harumph: Maybe this question is too vague for the livestream, but could the team talk about the kind of server-side rules they could implement for future challenge servers? Like could they make a server where enemies have twice as much health/damage, but players now have 183 soul points for 61/61/61 builds? Could there be a server where there are no callings, so you can make some Riftblade-Druid-Pyro abomination?
I've already submitted the giant tome of questions to the team, but this one really bears adding in. Consider it done! I suspect that while working on this version of a Prime server, the team has discovered a great many opportunities as well as limitations.As many will recall, when Archonix first talked about "Challenge Servers," they were going to be more short-run, with specific alternate rule-sets. RIFT Prime ended up a little different, and one of the most heartwarming aspects is how many people want to know if it really has to end at the end. As I have said before, if the server ends up with a self-sustaining population that does not want to move, I am sure that Dev will consider other options. It's a heady goal. Brasse
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