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Gooood morning! Round two of the great RifT Prime discussion!
Trexon: Update - I just read that the collector edition items won't be allowed I understand that you guys need to make money but this feels like being taxed twice for land I already own. And basically had to pay three times.
I'm really sorry you feel this way, because it was created to be excellent value. The pack you speak of is offered at JUST the cost of the Patron time included. That's it. As people need Patron status to play on Prime, we thought it would be nice to add in some welcome gifts.The Armored White War Tiger is not even an ubery speed mount - it is specifically set to the same speed of the starter mounts you can obtain in the early game. It's JUST for looks and as a collector's item.The void cloak, title and portrait frame are cosmetic gifts.
Raeslyn: 1.) When our characters are given the option to transfer to live servers, how does that effect the number of characters we are allowed on our main server.2.) When our characters are being transferred back, what happens with the name of said character?
GREAT questions for the stream. I know Dev is going to make it as player-friendly as they can, but there are technical limitations they are tackling on the way.
Raeslyn: 3.) I realize yall are not doing pvp servers or whatnot, but what about cross faction guilds and cross faction mercenary battlegrounds?
Players will be able to have cross-faction groups and Guilds; it was one of the greatest complaints in early RIFT, that friends were not able to play together. In Telara of course, us Guardians are still holding a grudge about the near destruction wrought by the Defiants and they are still being arrogant jerks... of course their perspective may be somewhat different.
4.) How are professions being handled? Will they be relevant again?? And what about Survival and Fishing? That wasn't added until later, as well as Dreamweaver.
Well, well, well... there's some good news for you on this front. Professions should be relevant, because in RIFT Prime, you cannot purchase crafting unlocks... each character can only have three professions. Further to this, the number of characters you can run on Prime is limited to TWO. Survivalist/Fishing will be available at launch, as it was aimed at young characters. Dreamweaver will be unlocked later.
Necalli: Can someone explain to me what Prime offers that isn't already available on live? Why would I want to play Prime?
Prime was designed specifically for two audiences:- those who want to go back to an everything included subscription based experience- those who enjoy the challenge of a progression server.We do NOT expect most current players to run over to Prime. We do expect Patrons may be interested in poking around there for a time, but anticipate most will stay where their Guilds and friends are, on Live. Patron status on Live affords some pretty sweet boosts. These are NOT on Prime, because Prime is back to ORIGINAL RIFT pacing.
kiwi: Question: Will Endless Rifts be making an appearance in Shimmersand...maybe I'll finally get my Kyloe cow?
Totally on the livestream question list for you!
Seshatar: Is there any chance that the non P2W model will be slowly implemented on the live servers? I like the idea behind prime, but I have no desire to make a new character or unlock all the collectibles again. However the 'all zones mentored', 'all dungeons mentored with actual loot for your real level', and the non P2W model would be awesome for ALL servers.
It is not in our current plan to move the subscription model to Live servers. The majority of our players on Live are F2P and this would disrupt the Telara they live in. If there is truly enough support for the subscription model on Prime, we will support that separately. We're all watching and waiting! (side note, there is no P2W on Live servers)
Refuge: About the 61 talents, clearly they won't be accessible from launch as we don't have enough talent points BUT this could open up some very interesting sub specs that have never been tried before?? Maybe Justicar etc. might find it's use again?And about souls you're using on PRIME and you don't own them on LIVE, obviously you'll be asked to change when you transfer to live at the end of the cycle... right?
We do expect some very interesting and evolving builds as we move from starter souls to the ones that will be unlocked through gameplay with Storm Legion and Nightmare Tide (these will be earned, NOT sold)... I think everyone is curious about the experimentation and evolution!If you move from Prime to Live at the end of the progression server, Dev is working on solutions for items earned on the former that are not on the latter. Details will be forthcoming asap.
Mordrahan: Will this section be restricted only for writing, or will it be totally invisible to non-patrons?Posting restrictions are ok, but I think every RIFT player should be able to see what happens on Prime.
We agree! Non-patrons will be able to read it all! Only Patrons can actually post.On a side note, this will prevent non-players from trolling those forums. I am looking forward to that, myself.
Mordrahan: Souls on Prime will be the same as live.
Not quite! To clarify, the starting souls on Prime will be much less in number. Additional souls such as those released with Storm Legion and Nightmare Tide will be earned through gameplay as that content is achieved. This means that people will have a lot of fun finding out the best combinations as we move through progression!
Mordrahan: For me this translates as if Live will be the PTS for Prime.
Again, there is a difference. Live will continue to be the new content/development server, but it is the home for most of RIFT's players. It's not a PTS equivalent - we have the PTS for that. All new stuff will come to Live and then eventually unlocked through gameplay on Prime, for as long as Prime is active. Events, as HolyRoller12 surmised, will go live on both at the same time.
Dragneius: As there is no Prime EU server, at the end of the road can we transfer it to Live EU server?
YES. At the end of Prime, you will be able to choose which region and server your characters want to land on.
Swamp Donkey: What will Trions stance be with regards to multiboxing on the new Prime Servers?
Same as RIFT Live. If you want to maintain more than one account and play on Prime, that's fine with us. Botting, on the other hand (unattended gameplay) is still right out.
Filri: So Rift Prime will be more or less the current Live-Files just with restricted content (raid release will be scheduled etc). If this is the case, how exactly does the balancing work and will the Storm Legion Souls be added if the Server reaches the Storm Legion AddOn or will they be there from start?
The starting soul set is fairly restricted. The Storm Legion and Nightmare Tide souls will be unlocked through gameplay, as people progress to that content. They will be earned, not purchased.While some things needed to be retained from Live, we are aiming as close to launch RIFT as we can. Technical advances (multi-core, for instance) have to remain in. Guardians and Defiants will be able to group and Guild together. The starting zone has been simplified significantly and will not be reverted.
keepor: Prime testing was done only internally. We will see a new expansion every 3 months, do you really think there will be any balancing?
The time it takes to unlock the progression server will be determined as we progress through content. There is no strict timetable. Balance will remain for each soul as it currently stands. Starting souls, then the Storm Legion Souls and Nightmare Tide souls when their content is unlocked through gameplay. It should provide for some very interesting, shifting and creative builds, particularly as again, the soul packs on Prime will be earned through gameplay and not sold as on RIFT Live.
Skrell: My questions pertain to the new DLC bundle. Are the items only available on Rift Prime? Will I be able to use the frame on normal servers? With Prime do you get all the purchased mounts that you have bought in the past when you log in? Why the war mount? It is not an expensive mount in the store. It has been used in promotions before, all my chars already get it when I create one. Even if it was a reskin it would be nice.
The Primogenitor Pack will be in use on Prime only. They will not be unlocked on RIFT Live at the same time. At the end of the Prime server progression, when you transfer off, your characters will be able to take these items with them. The Armored White Tiger is a legacy mount, first released in 2012 for $14.99. We thought it would be a nice callback to offer it again, lo, these many years later. In the pack, you basically get it for free, because the only charge is for the Patron time included in the pack.There are plenty of other mounts you can earn through gameplay in Prime too - DeadSimon just mentioned some fantastic-looking Raptors, but hey... that's spoiler info. We'll let you discover them yourself on Prime.
Rhaane: They want your kneejerk reaction money and there is a keen reason that this will not be fully revealed til it launches. They dont want us to know exactly what your getting into til the money has been spent.
Hey there. This is not a new concept, no. It is, however, brand new to RIFT.We are here, trying to get as much information out as possible, as openly as anyone could wish for. RIFT Prime will be as close to the original experience as we can make it. Feel free to stay back as long as you wish before making your decision. Anyone who is a Patron can access Prime whenever they wish, so it's not going after anyone's "kneejerk reaction money." Those who join later will find the starting areas less crowded, I am sure.
Ehxon: how long do you plan on running rift prime servers for before they are shutdown and peoples characters/credits/etc are transferred? months? years?
We anticipate the Prime server to run for well over a year, but there is no set timetable. It's all up to the players!
RobertTF: If its a progression for a limited time: There will be SERVER announcement when?1) For example: Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Player 4 and Player 5 just made a new record in "Iron tomb" : They Finished in 3:10 minutes.2)Also for raids, and maybe specify if it was a guild?
There will certainly be server-wide messages for first achievers. As many raids are accomplished by multiple guilds, it will pertain to individual player names, not guilds as a whole. I will ask the team to talk about this more on tomorrow's Livestream!
culland: (Various points comparing RIFT with ArcheAge)
Keep in mind that ArcheAge is developed by XL Games (Korea). RIFT is developed in-house, by Trion. This gives us full control over RIFT; the two games cannot be compared side by side for that reason.We do expect that RIFT veterans and experienced Guilds will have the advantage on RIFT Prime; they know the content, they have worked together for ages. A progression server is all about the challenge!
Mikito Misaka: So wait, if I want to play Tempest, for example, I have to wait until Storm Legion goes live on the Prime servers? Man, that's a pretty huge buzz kill for me (though I suppose it makes sense). Now I have no idea what class to do as I dislike pretty much all the other souls.
Yep! I call it motivation to get there. Try out some other soul combos in your chosen archetype and focus on the achievements until you reach Tempest! It is a fun soul, I totally agree.
Xly: Does this also mean that Prime players won't be able to see "Live" chat?
Correct. The Live and Prime Global chats are distinct and separate, much like NA and EU Global chats are separate.
Necalli: All of that is readily available today on the live server...
RIFT Prime will not be to everyone's taste! As with all game content, everyone has a different idea of what fun and fulfilling means.
LoxslayRift: Um... I'm new and your wrong. Here are a couple things Prime will have that aren't available on live: Free bag slots 3,4,5, and maybe 6; free auction house access. Free additional character slots, maybe a free shard bank. Free premium souls. ...I bet there is more stuff on day 1 of prime than I can get on live with $150.00
Good points, Lox! Everything is included (or earned through gameplay) in your Patron status on Prime.
CuRSiiVe: PLEASE, for the sake of me and a whole lot of other players who clearly loved and once were extremely passionate about your game, PLEASE, deeply consider the reinstallment of a PvP based progression shard.
We anticipate that this RIFT Prime server, if successful will be the first in a series. It is not going to be a PvP server because the overwhelming majority of RIFT players throughout the history of the game are PvE oriented. That doesn't mean that we can't explore PvP in future challenge servers. Until then, we do have Warfronts!I absolutely love the mayhem and crazy of PvP, but I know we're in the minority. I'd love some PvP events that affect an entire server on occasion... but I can already hear the shrill complaints of those who hate fighting other players. =P
Beriza: Original Benefits - Will they apply - EG, Death rune, larger bag, and some cape or summit - from the original launch ?
Those are available to you on Live servers only. RIFT Prime is a whole new service. Remember that you can get the Primogenitor Pack for Prime: for the cost of Patron time (required for Prime anyway), you get a mount, a cloak, portrait frame and title at no extra cost.https://www.trionworlds.com/rift/en/store/prime/Ok folks, I have to handle some other work now - see you on tomorrow's livestream!www.twitch.tv/trionworlds - 11:30 AM Pacific!I'll try to get back here later for more questions too.;-)#Brasse
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