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Marikhen: Is the progression only with regards to content, or will skills progress through their various changes as well?
We'll ask on the stream, but I do not anticipate that every change to every class will be done over again. This would be extremely time-consuming to code in, and I don't think many will want to go through the buff/nerf/change cycle on the shortened timeline of a progression server. I loved my original Chloromancer too, but hey... I still love playing her.
Rubarb: I can honestly see this being the last nail in the coffin for rift
The salt is strong in this one. We disagree with the sentiment.
Archfiend: Sounds really cool, I would play if you weren't killing them at the end and giving the option to transfer to the P2W servers.
This Prime server is an experiment. If it turns out that there is a large, sustaining population that yells, "HELL NO, WE WON'T GO" toward the end, you can be sure that Dev will be listening to the feedback and making decisions accordingly. If interest trickles out toward the end, we can at least promise that players will get to keep their characters.
Mizuki Ayu: If there are unique wardrobes on Prime, will the unlock work on Live as well? Will I have all my wardrobes on Prime?Kiwi: What wardrobe and dye system will be on Prime?
The Prime wardrobes will not be unique. As it is a brand new start, you will begin with only the clothes on your newly spawned back, and will need to earn everything else. Cosmetic items are one of the few things we will offer for purchase on Prime, but there's a lot of cool stuff to find in game, as I recall from my early days in RIFT.To be clear, you will not have access to your RIFT Live cosmetics such as wardrobes, mounts, dyes, hairstyles, companion pets, combat pet skins, costume weapons, etc. To be fair, most of these were not available at the original RIFT launch.We are not going to restrict the new dyes and character customization on Prime, but wardrobe WILL be restricted, because so much of it comes from actual gameplay and should be earned - that is, wardrobe items will drop in game.If you transfer back to Live at the end, there will be a formula in place for account unlocks earned on Prime, but Dev is still looking into that, so we'll ask them to address it on the stream.
Stelletti: Dang it. Was going to come back after years. Then looked and 2 things kill this; 1) Transfer to the P2W servers at the end 2) Not using the original skill trees. YUCK to the "souls"
Let's be clear on this. There is NOTHING that is Pay-to-Win on RIFT Live. Anyone can reach max level, access all content, gain all the best in slot items and explore every zone in RIFT without paying one penny. There are certainly some things that we cannot effectively roll back to original RIFT, and soul structure and class skills are among them.
gil999: For people that were at the start and bought packs, will we have access to the items from them?
Nope, just the clothes on your back and whatever second rate bent, rusty weapon you arrive with in your hand. Your collector's edition items will all be waiting for you on RIFT Live, where they were granted.
Dwops: The fact that souls like frost keeper and mystic archer will be available at launch along with the uncertainty of skill/boss balance with the existing skill trees is pretty much a deal breaker for me.
I am really sorry to hear that. I am curious what souls you would have played, had you decided to try Prime. Starting soul choices are certainly going to be restricted.The only souls that are clearly excluded from Prime at this time are the Primalists (I know, I know, Primalist fans, Prime without Primalists? The Primalists are simply too OP at early levels; they were introduced late in the game cycle and meant to be leveled quickly to catch up to end game. There are a great many souls that were added to RIFT over time, but at the very least, they are NOT available as starting builds; they will likely be available to unlock over time via gameplay as the server progresses (via.Storm Legion, Nightmare Tide, etc.). We will ask on the livestream about souls such as Mystic Archer that were not associated with a particular gameplay event.
shadowstalkers: say i just want to level to 50. is there a way to halt progression to a character? or am i forced to keep leveling?
As far as I know, players can still shut off XP if they choose, but we will confirm on the stream!Righto, I am going to go back to my regular patrols now. It's been a long day, thanks for sharing it with us!;-)#Brasse
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