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Time to catch up on some posts here!
Harumph: the "apply to your alts" part doesn't make much sense. It implies that patron is character bound and each character would need its own subscription.
This pertains to those people who have multiple accounts. There are plenty of those!
mattydoga: LFG and DD
Added your queries to the livestream list, but I know LFG will be in for sure. Some game improvements are staying even if they were not in original RIFT, because they just make sense.
Dorastic: Last I saw every class had their best spells or cooldowns around 61, and we're balanced around them. How will that change with a lvl50 cap?
I am going to defer this to the livestream, as that will happen long before you have to make a decision whether or not you wish to play on Prime. I do not forsee a major class/skill overhaul before March 7th, but I will hazard a guess that you won't need your level 61 skills for a level 50 capped game. Let's see what Dev responds on Friday.
Videssian: Is Rift Prime part of the standard Rift install (and presumably show up as a server in the existing server list), or is it a separate install, with it's own multi-gigabyte set of files that we'd need to download (like PTS)?If the latter, will the files be available for pre-download, before the March 7 release date?
GOOD news: As long as you have RIFT Live patched, you will not need to install anything else. On launch day, you will see both game services listed on the left, in the games list. That's it, that's all you need. I was surprised at this too, and REALLY happy about it, as my hard drive is a tad on the full side (hoarder in game, hoarder on my PC).So all you need is to patch that day's update and you're done. BAM!
Brutalize, echoing Holyroller12: Will we see 20 man raids ever return after Prime?
Leaving this one to the livestream list.
Taeve: Will there be "World Events" again as the raids are released as there were for River of Souls and HammerKnell? Will the achievements for those events be available?will Hammerknell be available since you revamped it for NMT?Will Iron Pine Peak be back to the level 40+ zone or stay as it is now?
Great questions for the stream! I know that Amary in particular really wanted to see if we could recreate the old pre-raid events, let's find out where we are on that front on Friday!
ConcreteDonkies: Class balance questions
Again, leaving this for the stream, as Dev will want to talk about how they see classes interacting on Prime. We know there will be no Primalists at launch, because they are seriously OP in early leveling, and therefore wholly out of balance with the other souls.
Zetsuu and Ehbehzeh: PVP questions:Is it going to be pvp shard (always flagged and faction matter)?Will we have pvp gear and pvp ranks like the first days of rifts?will we have pvp rifts?
This Prime shard is not going to be a PvP shard; there just aren't enough players interested in that sort of gameplay in RIFT. Warfronts will definitely exist. Your questions regarding PvP gear, ranks, etc. will be answered on the livestream!
Zsavooz: Is there any possibility the server continues assuming it is very successful or is their a hard end?
It is the nature of progression servers to end. We didn't invent this concept. However, RIFT's Dev team is very open to options, depending how the server goes. It will run for well over a year, per Amary, so let's see where we're at then!(more answers to come to more questions, I just don't want this one post to get unwieldy!);-)#Brasse
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