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After weeks of discussion, deliberation, discourse, dialogue, and downright debate, we cannot agree on a name for the first ever RIFT Prime server. Help us with our Server Name Challenge! Name the first RIFT Prime Server! The RIFT Prime server is almost ready for action - now we need a great NAME to bestow upon it! Imagine a version of Telara bearing the name YOU chose! The RIFT Dev team is thrilled to have our players participate in naming our very first Prime server. Our guidelines are simple:
  • The name should be in keeping with the world of Telara... that's a wide open field!
  • RIFT is T for Teen. Don't be vulgar.
  • Servey McServerface is RIGHT out.
  • Please suggest names on this forum thread.
We will close submissions on Sunday, Feb 25, 2018. The Dev team will choose the five best suggestions and create a poll that is linked to forums, Facebook and Twitter. The poll will run from noon, Feb 26 to midnight, Feb 28th, Pacific time. We'll announce the RIFT Prime server name on the RIFT Livestream on Friday, March 2nd at 11:30 AM PT (19:30 UTC): Will YOUR name be the one? Let's find out! ~Brasse
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