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I'm aggravated as this is still casually being looked over. Unless once again someone gives me a decent explanation for why this might not happen.
It isn't being casually looked over. It has been tested internally, communicated, and others here have tried communicating it again. The old dims will still be there, and will not visually change in their display unless the original player logs in. The game itself will not care if there is more than one player with the same name. If a new character snags a released name and even starts making dims, both the old player's and the new player's dims will be displayed. It is like the Auction House - there is no barrier to two different things being displayed with the same exact name (even though we do try to avoid duplicate names just for clarity). If it helps understand better - the game does not track characters by name. Characters - and basically every entity in the game, such as items, NPCs, quest objectives, etc - are just ID numbers. The character name is just a display name. It is how you, as a player, interact with other characters. It is something more personable and easy to remember and USE, so we use display names (possibly with @shard) as the unique for being active on the server because that is the best method for player interactions. But really, the game itself doesn't need every name to be unique - which is why it can leave the UI display of old dims unchanged and still support a new character snagging a released old name.
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