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In spite of your assertion that EVERYONE was sent an e-mail, I DID NOT get one on either of my accounts, and no, there's 0 chance it got flagged as spam as I use my own domain where there is no spam-filtering except of my receiving systems. Moreover, I DO receive e-mails from Trion to both accounts I only just saw this was happening when I saw a DevTracker entry for this thread, I DO get e-mails to my accounts such as as just now when I got the usual 'authentication code' security checks.
Emails were sent to everyone who ever made a RIFT account, whether or not they are currently active. We're talking several millions of emails here; it's not an assertion, it's a fact. Unfortunately, there are a great many ways that emails can go astray, even for people with private domains (your ISP itself may have blocked it, unless you also run your own ISP), which is why we used the blog, forum posts, social media and livestreams to get the word out, as well as a login MOTD for the past month until the deadline. We used every avenue open to us.If anyone wants to follow up with our CS staff after the name release, please send in a ticket via support.trionworlds.com - if they CAN help, they will.Brasse
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