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I assume it would be easy enough to change the number? I was thinking 5/10/15 or 5/15/20. I'm also assuming it's either a constant or a variable which shouldn't be too hard to change?
It is sadly not that simple for that. Under the hood, it is subquests and invisible buff tracking, and a ton of scripting that eventually filter down to a quest completions and achievement triggers. That final quest completion and achievement trigger is then what gets tracked as essentially true/false (really a counter with an objective count of 1).If it was just changing a number, I would do so in a heartbeat. Instead, it will require a bunch of surgery to really precise scripting which is where the risk I previously mentioned comes from. There is already a lot of risk from how much I did change (as evidenced by my efforts to figure out why people are unable to see the Weapon's Thirst quest).Nothing is ever as easy as we hope it would be (except when it is). :P
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