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It is still 16 weeks+ for many people so not really a catch up for tons of players stuck in the 10+ done. This is the eternal in PTS vs. live. You would think since it is eternal catch up that IROTP part will be completed or retroactively updated because they did 14 of 16 but it still takes the full 16 IROTP for them. I assume if you have 10 of 16 IROTP you will still have to do the 6 of 6 after the update making it EXACTLY THE SAME 16 IROTP or 16 weeks + to upgrade. But what if you have 6/16 completed? So whoever did the code for this had some people left out of the equation..who knows if it was on purpose or not. Some people won't care much.. but others will see that content was just a waste of development as they won't really see the benefit or cathc up as it won't effect them. And I almost guarantee a large portion of the players base will have their intelligence insulted by it.
Can you PM me what character name that's on so I can look into your item itself with our internal tools?
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