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Hullo folks!The cutoff date is almost upon us. Let me address some of the questions that have come up.NOTIFICATIONS:
  • Email notifications were sent out to every single person who has a RIFT character, via CS notification - this means that you do not even have to be opted in to get the email.
  • If you did not get an email in early January, it may have gone to your spam folder, or your ISP may have us blacklisted. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about those circumstances.
  • We also posted a blog about it, which was picked up by MMORPG and MassivelyOP
  • We have reminded folks on our weekly livestreams that the Name Reclaim was coming
  • We posted on Twitter and Facebook, both when we announced the Name Reclaim, and a final reminder today.
  • We've asked folks to reach out to their friends who may be interested in keeping names of old characters too - I know I appreciated that when my old EQII buddies told me they were having a similar name purge.
Short of driving to everyone's home to tell them in person, we've tried our best!MEMORIAL NAMES:
  • This is a tough one indeed. We all have people that we have lost over the years, and we want to honor their memories. Gaming is an ephemeral environ for memories, unfortunately, and we cannot undertake the enormous process of collecting and excising names.
  • One suggestion I've made is to wait until the name reclaim process actually occurs, and then log in early to make memorial characters on your own accounts to preserve those names. Obviously this requires a free character slot, but it is the only solution currently available.
  • Our data group will pull the list at 12:01 AM Pacific on February 1, 2018.
  • The name release will not take place immediately, as it needs to be QA'd and run as a process with folks in the office - we'll let you know as soon as the time and date are scheduled. I am pestering the powers that be now, even though they are busy and keep swatting at me.
BUT WHAT ABOUT...?This is why we have not announced a date for the actual process of releasing names yet - there is QA work to be done. I am collecting responses as fast as I can to the questions raised here, and will continue to update this thread:
  • How will the released names appear on the Guild rosters and friend's lists? Will they still be there until claimed, or become blank, or... other? (pending)
  • If someone scoops a released name, is there a risk they will automatically replace the old player on the guild member/friends list? Archonix says NOPE, there will be no accidental infiltrators.
  • What happens to the Dimensions of the inactive players that have names released? Will they be nameless? (pending)
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