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But I wasn't swearing, being rude, insulting, or anything yet received a chat ban that I only know of because it tells me "You're temporarily unable to chat due to being reported too many times". Last time they sent me a mail, by a gm I think, telling me WHAT exactly had warranted that.
You get a mail from a GM when the mute is approved and then followed up by a longer duration manual mute. Otherwise if it's an automatic system mute, there is no follow-up email from an automated system mute. Generally an automatic mute is given (and not followed up by a manual CS mute) if you are being disruptive in chat which is causing other players to be annoyed with what you are saying enough to report you but nothing bad enough to warrant further action.
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What I can't accept is being chat banned, given no reason other than reported, not having it checked by a human in the process.
Every system mute is looked at by CS and if warranted, a longer mute is given.
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