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4 Sparkles per zone event is the intent.No one rushed the first week with 8 sparkles per zone event, because the non-unstables only started paying out 8 the second week due to a bug - the same bug that was getting some players stuck on 496 or or so of 500 needed. This aspect of the bug was even mentioned here:
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I found one oddness in the loot set up for non-unstable events (the same oddness which would be responsible for those events paying out 8 instead of 4). Now this oddness should not cause the issues we are seeing, but the operative phrase there is should. This is one of the areas were are focusing in on now.
And yes, this ended up being exactly the cause of people getting stuck at 496. So the bug was fixed, and listed in the patch notes:
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* Fixed an issue that stopped some zone events from rewarding the Faelight Sparkle quest items under certain conditions.
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