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Welcome to the RIFT Bug Report Forum! Bug reports are only as useful as the information included. All too often, our QA folks receive an in-game bug reports consisting of "Quest is bugged, fix it!!1!!" - as you might imagine, this makes it pretty hard for our folks to investigate. Help us help you and all of our fellow players by learning what makes a great bug report! ;-)# Brasse Reporting a Bug in this forum: Search these forums to see if your issue has already been reported. If it has, add your comment to the existing thread. If it hasn't, make sure you post just one bug per report. A single thread with a generic title that lists a string of bugs is not going to be easy to track down and sort through. Title your thread something related to the specifics of the bug you're reporting. Be as specific as possible. THE DETAILS THAT MAKE AN EXCELLENT, ACTIONABLE BUG REPORT: - Time: When did this issue occur? Please be as specific as possible. If it happens repeatedly at all times, please include that information as well. - Game Details: What are the name(s) of any involved quest/achievement/item? Please attempt to provide exact names as shown in-game. What location did this issue occur exactly? Please be as specific as possible. What shard did this occur on? You can type /shard to see what shard your character is on at the moment. - Character Details: What level is your character? What class is your character? What faction is your character? What race is your character? - Expected Outcome: In one sentence, what did you expect to happen? For example "I collected all the upgrade materials and clicked upgrade and the item was upgraded" - Observed Outcome: In one sentence, what actually happened? - Repro Steps: Most importantly, if possible, please include a list of specific steps we can take to reproduce this issue on our end. These steps need to be something we can reproduce on a new character, not isolated to your character only. - Image/Video Documentation: Often the most useful information we can get for bugs will be screenshots or video documentation of the bug occurring. These can be uploaded to 3rd party websites (youtube/imgur) and you just have to include the link to them. EXAMPLE OF A DETAILED BUG REPORT:
Time: Friday, October 12th, at 3:30 PM GMT Context: After I completed the quest Teacher's Pet in Quicksilver College, I pressed 1 to summon my mount Ashen Budgie, which was assigned to my hot bar. Expected: I expected my Ashen Budgie mount to appear Observed: Instead, my character started jumping in place. Repro Steps: 1. Go to Quicksilver College. 2. Click on Ashen Budgie mount to summon. 3. Watch as character jumps in place.
What About In-Game Bug Reports? In-game bug reporting is still very important for RIFT. Bugs reported in-game go directly to our devs and QA testers for review (due to volume, they cannot respond to each one). Here's how to submit a bug issue right in game: 1. Type /cs and press enter or click on the ? icon located in the lower left hand corner of your screen. 2. Click on the Feedback/Bugs tab at the bottom of the dialog box which opens up. 3. Select the category which most closely relates to the issue or feedback you have. 4. Write a detailed description in the appropriate boxes (for bugs, only the "Found a Bug?" box is needed). 5. Left-click the [SEND] button when you are finished.
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