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The loot was intended to be from the raid, of which there is no helmet drops. So those that finished it already, especially those that got the helmet, not knowing that the box wasn't giving the correct loot, should be allowed to trade in for the correct drops.
The quest reward simply says "Contains a present from Bastion of Steel!" - the contents were created as part of the Bastion of Steel raid, are purchasable with currency earned by killing bosses in Bastion of Steel, and upgrade to the same level of Bastion of Steel boss drops.This is Bastion of Steel gear.But to reduce confusion, the wording is being changed to "Contains a Bastion of Steel level raid item!" in the next update.As to the helmet, it is exists because some members of the raiding community requested it. One was not released with BoS because the internal thinking was that yes, the Planar Crafted one is BiS. But due to player requests, one was created and added to the Bastion of Steel store items a few weeks after BoS released.Which is all to say the current rewards are as intended and not changing.
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