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Right out of the patch notes: *Loyalty rewarded from the Fae Yule Bagling Cache & Dragon's Hoard Pack when gifted are delivered to the purchaser.
Yep, and that is exactly what was intended - however, we did NOT do as good a job on the pack listings and tooltips as we did in the patch notes, so we need to take steps to fix it. We TOTALLY get that some folks feel badly done by. Working on our final plans... meanwhile, if someone is affected after receiving one of the packs as a gift, DO submit a ticket to our CS Team - they are briefed and authorized to deal with it. https://support.trionworlds.com It would make us happy for you all to be happy, as this is the biggest and coolest offering we've ever put out there. Stay tuned, final info to come before I head home to play RIFT tonight, I promise. ;-)# Brasse
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