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I did put in the ticket and tried to escalate it but it doesn't seem like they want to help me. I traded 50 REX to some nice guy to gift me this pack because the box itself said it rewarded loyalty. There was NOTHING that said only the purchaser got the loyalty. Every other pack before this rewarded 20k loyalty to the person that received it. So it only stands to reason this one would too. They falsely advertised the box's contents and won't own up to their mistake by fixing it for the few people that they falsely advertised to. So I'm down 50 REX and all I have to show for it is some intel and a few mounts I really don't need. It's really sad cuz I really like this game but I think I'm done. I really feel screwed over by all of this. It's like when you get really excited about something (finally hitting silver tier after years of buying REX and gifting to thousands and thousands of players, which takes a LOOONG time), and after placing it into your hands and you letting you touch it for a bit, they take it away and lock it up so that you can see it but can't touch it.
We've asked our CS team to hold off on responses as we're currently testing some options internally. Hoping to have a solution by EOB, and will let you guys know once we make the final call.
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