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And why not fix known bugs when you can do it quickly? Dimension dev is not the same person that class dev.
This is very true, some bugs can take days, weeks, or in bad cases, months to fix. I think the longest I've spent on a bug was a year, given it was maybe an hour or two every couple of weeks and when I had the time, but some bugs can be fixed in a matter of minutes, so there's no reason to not just fix it.
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Well now that you got your candles fixed i got a new idea for your next dimension...you can call it "A Game is dead" and the tombstone should say "Here lies a once great game full of well reported none fixes bugs,where once was a great experience we have now a oh so boring grind,where once the pvp was a rewarding time to enjoy now there is frustration,here....."well you get my drift,candles and vfx yea candles thats wht we need here,and i wonder if no one is arround who will see yoir precious dims.
As stated above, not everyone on the team does every job. Itemization and class balancing have nothing to do with raid creation which has nothing to do with engineering...etc. Each subset of the team has their own tasks to do.
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