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I logged on today to see that the Artifact Pinata event has ended already. This is VERY disappointing. With all the DC's and lag from the DDoS attack, I figured that the Event would last longer, due to the Issues caused by the attact. The DDoS issue, combined with the extremely low drop rate, has made it near impossible to collect the artifact sets. A lot of the Artifacts don't even show up in the Price History in the AH, which means there just were not enough collected to go around. I spent the majority of yesterday collecting just Artifact Pinatas. I collected 373 Pinata artifacts and out of all 373 I got 3 epic (purple), on average i get 3 artifacts per Pinata, That would add up to about 124.3 artifacts collected for every one epic i got. All said and done, you would have to do 41.1 Pinatas to get on epic or relic. So in 8 hours time, i was able to get 3 Epic artifacts. Those are disappointing numbers least to say. Really hope you could slightly raise the drop rate for the Epic and Relic and bring back the Event so people that didn't have the chance to participate or able to collect enough due to the ongoing DDoS attack.
Hi Darkdomino, Shiny Shenanigans was not supposed to be turned off last night. It's not supposed to end until 11:59 PM PST tonight so I'll work with the dev team to figure out what's going on. It is really unfortunate that the DDoS has plagued us (as well as other games). We have been working vigilantly to resolve this and continue to do so.
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