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I was browsing my uncollected appearances and stumbled across 3 1-handed weapons that have a space, but no icon indicating what they are. However, when you preview them, they are like artifact-sparkly (in fact, I *may* have blurted out in /4 chat "OMG IT'S A BOASE WEAPON!")They are:Shiny Shiny ShankShiny Shiny ShilleaghShiny Shiny Sword(there is no axe version)(And on the off-chance someone here knows, anyone know how to get the "Star Iron Dirk" appearance? I have looked and looked and looked, and damned if I can find it.)
They are gorgeous so we don't blame you for wanting them haha. Currently they are not yet attainable in the game and will likely be artifact-related since Dead Simon conceived them, but that's not yet final. They'll definitely be a big announcement for how/when you can get them, though. ;)
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