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So the mod here says
To clarify, not a mod, but one of the senior developers (over 8 years is a long time to spend working on one game).
they advise not using potions at all until the issue is fixed, something that has not been announced globally. The mod here says they have no idea how to fix what they can't find. So basically, it's broken, won't be fixed, won't be compensated for, play at your own risk.
The brutal, hard truth is that at this point the event will conclude before or if we find the cause. If you have the pots, whether they end up working or not, you may as well use them (but I would suggest farming more Autumn Eye pots is kind of a "proceed at your own risk" deal). It sucks. There is no way to deny that this sucks. The event has run fine for many years, but this year, our best guess is that SOME change in the last year broke this. One year of code changes is a lot of ground to cover to find the root cause, especially when we have no internal repro. And I cannot promise this activity will return next year. If we cannot find the root cause between now and then, we will certainly not turn it back on as is.
Oh, and the glitch they found that gives bonus artifacts, which in a way makes up for the potions not working 50+% of the time, they're gonna take that away.
Yes, it makes little sense for us to leave another bug in, that also affects minions (because they are sharing the same sub-loot tables now), and only could ever benefit a lvl 48 or lower player on one narrow roll that was a small fraction of a percent chance to come up just because we haven't been able to fix this unrelated issue.
This response and attitude is not unique to this one issue. ... I'll keep playing, but only as free until such time as the business approach shows proper concern
I am not sure how I could have possibly had more concern. For almost two weeks now, this has been the biggest use of resources spent on resolving issues. I was actually out of the office dealing with a family emergency when all this started, and still spent a fair chunk of time dialed into work trying to find a cause and solution for this issue despite being in mourning. That is how seriously I take it. If THAT is not concern... I really don't know what is.
I'm not mad, just disappointed.
If anyone is mad... I don't blame them. I know that I am certainly both mad AND disappointed. Anyway, to be extra clear to all reading this - since no fix was found in time for today's patch, since we still have no leads despite all our efforts, and because the event ends next week... It is probable the event will conclude in the state that it currently is in. As we have been unable to fix it, the least I can do is give the direct, painful, status update.
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