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Please post any Mystic Archer Bugs you guys find, these are the three most annoying ones I've found so far.Elemental Bolts not behaving correctly. While participating in Rifts and Warfronts your bolts are invisible as long as you are in combat so you have to just run around randomly and hope you're lucky enough to pick up your bolts. Confirmed with others that no one else could see them either. They do show up the moment I get out of combat.Using teleports down hills. This this launches your character straight forward (into the air) instead of down the hill, when you then fall and hit the ground there's a chance you'll bounce and get flung into the distance. The farthest this has launched my character uncontrollably was 285 meters with one use of the ability Path of Lightning. Thanks Labdacus for helping me test this on the PTS, it's still happening on live currently.Legendary Arcane Shot does not count as a Primary Bolt, even though the tool tip clearly says that it is one. This means that it is NOT procing our Eternal weapons buff. Easy to reproduce cast Legendary Arcane Shot with an eternal weapon equipped and watch buffs. Thanks Dovahkinz for confirming this was happening.
Hi Ishimui, thanks for sharing this. In the future please break these up into individual bug reports. It is easier for us to track them and report when they are fixed, especially since they are likely to be fixed one at a time. At any rate, I've forwarded these to the team to take a look at.
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