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I am TOO!Since it wasn't mentioned, I'll be streaming too, but doing it a bit differently this year as the schedule has changed. This will be my fifth year and I plan on doing a small bit of streaming on Friday after I get off work and then the full 24 hour stream on Nov 4th as I set up that date from the official Extra-Life date before I knew that we were doing it on the 13th :-P.I'll definitely be playing some Rift and running some dev events and nomming people as a giant dinosaur (spoilers), but I hop around from game to game as well. If interested in seeing what I'm up to you can check it out here: http://www.extra-life.org/participant/roughraptors. This year I'll be giving out RR minions, RR mounts, singing (can I give that out?), lots of talking (can I give that out too? I dunno!), and a year of patron for donations received. Full details are on the Extra-Life page itself.
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