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This issue also occurs in the Charmer's Caldera and Polyp Promenade dimensions. I tested each with these projectors and these were my results (broken implying the tear in the sky; working implying no tear) Heavy Fog with Moon (broken in both) Heavy Fog (broken in both) Sunny Day (broken in both) Conquest (broken in both) Steppes of Infinity (broken in both) Mind of the Overseer (broken in both) Brown Smoke (broken in both) Coming Storm (broken in both) Morning Sunrise (broken in both) Autumn Harvest (broken in both) Squall (broken in Charmer's) Draumheim (broken in Charmer's) Spring Day (broken in Charmer's) Starry Night (working in both) Pitch Black (working in both) Black Garden (working in both) Swamp (working in both) Enchanted (working in both) Light Fog (working in both) Attachment 32160 Heavy Fog with Moon in Charmer's Caldera Attachment 32159 Autumn Harvest in Polyp Promenade
Thanks for this information as well! We'll take a look at these others, too.
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