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We can provide feedback on things that don't work or tool-tip errors etc. and whats it like to play (Assuming we are doing it right) But the Question should be, What is the main Purpose of the soul? What is it meant to be, what is the idea of the mechanics, what was the vision you had to set up this soul? Where do you see this soul being used, Open World, Dungeons, PvP, Raids? With this i can build a better picture of the soul and provide more useful Feedback, because currently we have no explanation, apart from generic tool-tip and this: Side note: The Arrows, are using Particles and Ground Clutter etc? There are times when i move to far from my arrows (which isn't far 10m?) that i cannot see them on the ground. Currently the Arrows have no fade away time, spawned some, didn't collect, ran away, went afk, came back to dummy, and arrows are still on the floor, is there a limit? Also is no limit on how many arrows go on the floor? if i stand there and spam the abilities that spawn arrows then, there becomes to many on the floor and again i cannot see any of the arrows around me.
Good point on the first one. The design for this soul was intended to keep with its theme (note that this doesn't mean you can't find new and unique ways to use it, just that the core design is focused a particular way). Mystic Archers are primarily designed to give a potent open world soul to mages that has several options for self sufficiency and powerful alpha strikes, while still having the ability to fight for longer periods of time (albeit with a much more complicated set of interactions the longer you fight). To facilitate this they have powerful mobility and defensive options that make them very flexible, as well as fairly high damage baseline. Many of these same elements will make them dangerous in PVP as well. While it is certainly important that they feel viable when fighting in dungeons and raids when possible (and some encounters are just not going to be great picks for a Mystic Archer), part of their strength is that they can be somewhat more self reliant than many other mage souls while solo. Currently each element of arrows has a 10m lifespan on the floor (which is entirely too long and is placeholder), and you can have a fairly large number of them just sitting idle if you want to. It is also currently possible for an arrow to spawn close enough to be picked up automatically, although I don't know if that will survive to launch. While I don't know specifically what FX tech the arrows are tied to, they mimic the behavior of old Saboteur traps, so it is possible if you have your settings very low they could blip out of existence reasonably early.
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