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Jennifer, it is really nice and important to make a Stream about the upcoming wardrobe sale in RIFT and many more but it seems thatís many player are extremely frustrated about balancing. There are a lot of player like Ewa. The community makes a lot of Threads at the forum and helps with tools like: This Google Spreadsheet contains all the compiled data in 3 separate reports. (Form Dimples) or https://prancingturtle.com/Session/BossFight/155 One class is so overpowered that they are able to solo parts of the current content - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sg6tmFuJEsU&t Whats the current state: It is sad but true - Warrior, Cleric and Mage are dying classes and the last shirt have no pockets.
Class balancing is done in some regard every week. Also, a completely different set of developers are in charge of that than have worked on wardrobes or are on this week's stream. We're taking a look at the feedback but can only focus on a little bit at a time and right now it was determined to work on wardrobe stuff. We appreciate all the feedback given on class balancing and understand that you are frustrated that at this moment, we're discussing something else, but we will get to other parts of the game in time.
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