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  1. [KNOWN ISSUE] Texture Splatting & Compass Mini-Map Changed Description: After a new shader was added to 4.2 Hotfix 2, the mini-map textures were difficult for manyplayers to see.Status: Currently working on a fix.More Info: Link 1
  2. [FIXED] Unable to Join Starter Guild for Correct ShardDescription: If you're not in a guild and open the guild finder and click "Join Starter Guild for Your Home Shard" and are on a different shard at the time, most guild functions won't work.Status: Fixed during this week's update.More Info: Link 1
  3. [FIXED]Returned to Wrong Location After Celestial AdventureDescription: OP says they left the party and (as expected) was kicked from the map. But was teleported back to Gedlo Badlands, where the rift had been, and not to Tempest Bay, where they had started from.Status: Fixed during this week's game update.More Info: Link 1
  4. [FIXED] Bonus Loot on Captured Intel Not Awarded from Silver Tear BuffsDescription: You get only normal Loot but no Message with Bonus Loot like Planarite or Celestial Remnant.Status: Fixed during this week's update.More Info: Link 1
  5. [FIXED] Empty Mercenary Equipment Caches from Plane of Water Zone EventsDescription: OP says that several times they mentored-down to level 70 and gotten a Mercenary Equipment Cache from a Plane of Water zone event but when they opened it, it was empty. Status: Fixed during last week's game update.More Info: Link 1
  6. [UNABLE TO REPRODUCE] Primus Hastati Not Spawning if Rift NearbyDescription: Vostigar Peaks brought new mini colossi like rare mobs and they are spawning in groups, when Primus Hastati's group is active on shard he won't spawn if there is rift close to his position. Status: Unable to internally reproduce this bug.More Info: Link 1
  7. [KNOWN ISSUE] Dimension Key MissingDescription: Has come up before but without being able to repro or find root cause.Status: Unable to internally reproduce this bug but still looking into it.More Info: Link 1
  8. [NON-ISSUE] "This Little Piggy" Achievement BuggedDescription: On Yrlwalach first Corrupting Presence received damage only from Agony of the Deep, Corruption and Rippling Infinity abilities, without any damage from us and it died from these abilities, but we didn't get achievement. Status: Achievement is granting correctly. May be a misunderstanding with how to get the achievement.More Info: Link 1
  9. [CURRENTLY INVESTIGATING] Some Healing Debuffs Permanent Until Death in WFSDescription: Healing debuffs from classes that makes your healing done get reduced by a lot; stays permanent despite the debuff not lasting anymore. Status: Currently investigating.More Info: Link 1
  10. [FIXED] Some Items Missing Cosmetic AppearancesDescription: Players mentioned that some cosmetic items were missing their appearances. Status: Some were fixed in last week’s game update and the rest were fixed in this week's.More Info: Link 1
  11. [FIXED] Daily Hinder Quest from VP AutocompletingDescription: Players confirmed that the daily Hinder Quest in Vostigar Peaks is auto-completing for them. Status: A fix was shipped last week. More Info: Link 1
  12. [RE-OPENED] Necromancer Soul Bond Legendary Falling Off PetDescription: This was marked as fixed a couple of weeks ago. However, the OP says it wasn’t and that the 30M distance is not what’s causing it to fall off pet. They are also requesting that this become a passive ability. Status: Currently re-investigating.More Info: Link 1
  13. [NOT A BUG] Ascended Trove Currency Out of DateDescription: OP says that the currency given in the Ascended Trove is out of date and only for level 65, but the new level cap is 70. Status: Team determined this was not a bug but will review.More Info: Link 1
  14. [RE-OPENED] Dark Touch Not Applying Lingering TormentDescription: This was reported fixed for a patch two weeks ago. However, players are still reporting that it’s not working. Status: Currently re-investigating.More Info: Link 1
  15. [FIXED] VP Event Not Giving CreditDescription: This was fixed in last week's update. More Info: Link 1
  16. [KNOWN ISSUE] Respawning During Raid Will Not Show MarksDescription: OP says that if you respawn during any raid, you will not be able to see marks on anyone except yourself. Status: Currently in-progress to be fixed. More Info: Link 1
  17. [FIXED] Hinder Crucia: The Maze of Steel VP Daily Not Counting Towards WeeklyDescription: Daily quest “Hinder Crucia: The Maze of Steel” came up twice this week and neither counted towards players’ weekly “Enemy of my Enemy”. Team set up the weekly to auto-complete in the meantime and a fix was implemented in this week's update.Status: Fixed during this week's update.More Info: Link 1
  18. [CURRENTLY INVESTIGATING] Warrior Ability Battlefield Medic Consumes Warlord Legendary Everything is a WeaponDescription: Very few details given.Status: Currently investigating.More Info: Link 1
  19. [CURRENTLY INVESTIGATING] Egg of Destruction Raid Rift Doesn’t Rward Group Except OpenerDescription: OP has additional details but says that 4.2 raid rifts in VP aren’t giving loot to party members except initially. Status: Currently investigating.More Info: Link 1
  20. [CURRENTLY INVESTIGATING] Affinity Points Possibly ResettingDescription: OP said they looked at their affinity point bar and it stated 7 minutes to get to their next point, but when they logged into an alt and back into their main, it had reset to 50 minutes. Status: Currently investigating.More Info: Link 1
  21. [CURRENTLY INVESTIGATING] Raid Rift Lure Consumed But No Raid Rift Summoned Description: OP said that 4.2 raid rifts in VP he’s used the “Iron Legion” lure and it was consumed, but didn’t produce the raid rift. Status: Currently investigating.More Info: Link 1
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