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Thank you for replying, after rereading your reply one of main reasons you are putting is voice channels.Meanwhile you can disable all VOIP like communication on discord and have instant messaging purposes only and most of the times by discord I was referring any kind of instant messaging platform.As you said previously most companies doing things different but when there is successful examples out there and this companies having more online than most current TRION related titles and when they started they were smaller companies than TRION itself yet mostly they are still smaller, they are handling this stuff with community support with their administration.I'm loyal supporter of this game and I want it to become popular again and return its glory and be competetive AAA MMORPG but currently forums are in dead man walking state, videos related by game is decreasing each day, there is rarely streams about game.All of this are lying under communication problems, most players feeling unsatisfied and not getting responses, they stopped doing contents like streaming, video sharing because games state going unrecoverable direction while discord channel increased interaction between developers (as i said forum interaction was always low) and give chance to players and devs to humanize each other instead of feedbacks only, it was quite good place.Todays internet communication is mostly focused on such instant replies, as a geek I used every possible communication platform appeared on interwebz from telnet based bulletin boards to ICQ, forums to reddit, I can easily tell instant messaging platforms like (IRC,ICQ,MSN,Skype,GaduGadu,QQ) always preferred over bulletin boards which are using static content to communicate and todays internet evolved into people who uses what we call as social media because social media was closing gaps between instant messaging and delayed messaging but still not a good enviroment to get feedbacks for projects like this.I surely know there is still some private skype groups between devs and some players and discord was also filling this gap.TL;DR: If trion thinks or implying opening such platform with their administration is hard because of factor like harassing etc over voip, I believe many people still would be happy with having text channels only or getting old fashioned IRC server or even IRC channel administrated by theirself but as I said I won't try to push you guys for over it but can clearly tell you many games doing this and they handling it so much nicely.
We appreciate your insistence but we have discussed internally and are not moving forward with an official Discord, for the aforementioned reasons.
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